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CC BY 3.0 © Wardley Mapping is free.

March 10, 2019 @ 12 - 5 pm

Wardley MapsBattle Camp

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Battle Camp Schedule

The schedule will be less formal, as the event is its first of a kind for Wardley Mapping.

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March 10, 2019 @ 12 - 17h

Gathering & the workshop introduction

Meeting everyone, explaining the rules, dividing into teams, explaining the simulated environment landscape.

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Christopher Daniel

Researcher, Mapping Consultant


Teams start working and making their 5-minute moves either until one of them wins or there is a draw. In case of a quick win by one team, the game is played again.

Aleksandar Simovic, Slobodan Stojanovic

Map Meetup Belgrade Organizers

Final Thoughts, Food and Beer

Always live with world

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Battle Camp is free

The purpose of the Battle Camp is to help the our communities grow and learn mapping, and gain experience in a simulation with real opponents. It's goal will be fulfilled by providing a free entry for everyone.

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Frequent asked questions

Q.What are Wardley Maps?

A.A Wardley Map is a representation of the landscape in which a business operates. It consists of a value chain (activities needed to fulfill user needs) graphed against evolution (how individual activities change over time under supply and demand competition).

Q.Can I join the workshop even if I have never seen a Wardley Map?

A.Yes, the event is meant for practicing Wardley Maps. But if you have never done it, you will need a team of practicing Wardley Mappers to help out.

Q.Can I just watch and learn?

A.Yes, anyone can come and watch!

Q.Are there any tickets?

A.The event is free, for the community by the community. The only limitation is how much does the space allow.

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Event venue & registration

Very grateful to our friends at the Startit Center for sharing their space for event!

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